Oak Fencing

Jordan fencing is now pleased to say we are a preferred installer/supplier of "Quercus Oak" Panels and pre-formed Trellis products in and around East Anglia.

"Quercus Oak" is a hand-crafted product using the highest quality sustainable English oak which is possibly the best crafted oak fencing products in the country. The wood is self-preserved and the products require no further maintenance once they are installed and will age naturally to a stunning silver as they mature.

These beautifully designed products include oak fencing, gates, planters, trellis and obelisks, and all can be custom-made to a variety of sizes for your specific requirements.

The patented weave design of these products is not just an aesthetic feature; it also means the products are more durable as the weave enables air to move freely, offering less resistance and so reducing the likelihood of damage from winds. We hold stock of 2ft,3ft,4ft,5ft & 6ft panels which are 609mm, 914mm, 1219mm, 1524mm & 1828mm High & all 6ft Wide (1828mm).

These products are grown from sustainable woodland reserves and is committed to only using British oak from sustainable sources contributing to the future of the country's forestry industry, whilst also working to reduce unnecessary transportation costs of our core raw material.

English oak is one of the most environmentally friendly, natural and sustainable construction materials. It is also entirely free of harmful industrial processes, waste, or toxic treatments.

In addition to this a huge amount of carbon dioxide is fixed by growing oak trees. Taking new raw material from sustainable, local resources means that we are actively reducing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere.