Acoustic Fencing

Jordan Fencing now supply any acoustic barrier that maybe required, we can design and advise from start to finish.

This latest acoustic barrier system has been designed for Highways and Commercial applications, providing the same level of noise protection as the Premier Acoustic Reflective 28kg/m² barrier.

Acoustic Highway 'vee' boards are affixed to galvanized steel 'I'beam posts for additional strength and rigidity, meeting not only the stringent Highways Agency standards BSEN1794-1 and 2, but also prove ideal for application in exposed locations subject to high wind loading.

Acoustic Highway includes galvanized steel 'I'beam posts with nailing battens to be bolted to the front of the posts, 4.8m long interlocking 'vee' boards are then nailed and timber lock screwed to the front of the nailing battens, cover boards are required on every steel posted job, capping and counter rails are additional options.

Posts may be baseplated or latticed depending on application.

Our team has over 10 years experience in the supply of fencing and barriers, and over the years we have spoken to thousands of customers all looking to solve the same issue.

We offer solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and highway applications that can reduce noise levels by as much as 32* decibels while maintaining an attractive style.

Acoustic fencing is not only designed to reduce the problematic noise, it also has a very attractive and stylish look, this gives us the edge when it comes to ticking all the boxes.

We can carry out all of our projects from scratch - including:

We are fully compliant with ROSPA regulations and have vast experience working with local councils and schools direct.